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As the world's largest renewable energy, hydropower is an essential part of the solution to climate change. With its pollution-free electricity, hydropower is providing a pathway to a sustainable future.

As with any infrastructure project, the construction of a hydropower facility will inevitably have local impacts on communities and the environment. It is incumbent on all stakeholders, especially the hydropower developer and operator, to seek to maximise project benefits while avoiding, minimising or mitigating any negative impacts.

As a renewable energy, it is essential that hydropower is developed sustainably.The International Hydropower Association (IHA) has played a leading role in the development of what constitutes good and best practice in hydropower development encompassed by the Hydropower Sustainability Standard, a global certification scheme managed by the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance and aligned with World Bank and IFC performance standards.


Sustainability guidelines, tools and training

The Hydropower Sustainability Standard is used for certifying the sustainability performance of hydropower projects around the world. Through our partnership with the Hydropower Sustainability Alliance we provide access to training, guidance and sustainable hydropower assessors to developers looking to create new and modernize old hydropower programs.

Access guidelines, tools and training

The G-res Tool- Carbon Calculator for Reservoirs

The G-res Tool is designed to help hydropower companies and researchers conveniently estimate and report net greenhouse gas emissions from their reservoirs online. The results can enable your project to meet Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI) Hydropower Criteria and gain access to exclusive funding through green bonds.

Before the G-res Tool, there was no reliable and cost-effective way of estimating the emissions created from building a reservoir whilst factoring pre-existing conditions and naturally occurring emissions.

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G-Res Tool
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